Monday, 19 June 2017

VTEC Combat Escort

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

As bases for project cars go, the Mk2 Escort is always going to be a strong choice. If you can bring yourself to use the horrendous word 'winningest', you'll be able to boast that your car shares the DNA of history's winningest rally car. Of course, the Mk2 has form on the track too, as Zakspeed and the like were keen to demonstrate in the late-1970s, and it's this Group 5 aggression that's being channelled here.

Behold, it's a flatfront Escort.
...a flatfront Escort with super-wide arches, astonishing aero, oodles of functional carbon-fibre bits and, best of all, an F20C - the manic Honda engine from the S2000 that revs right up to the stratosphere and back. (And that's not an easy conversion - not only is the modern Japanese motor totally alien to the retro Ford, it's also very tall and it spins the wrong way.) So what we have is a sort of who's-who of awesome, coalescing to form one of the coolest Mk2s on the scene today.

Spotted at the 2017 Players Classic - more pics here.

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