Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Group A Volvo 240 Turbo

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

When a car is truly cool, it transcends scenes and generations. Consider this Volvo 240 Turbo: built for no-nonsense, function-over-form circuit racing over thirty years ago, today it wouldn't look out of place on a retro stance showground. It combines that fusion of crisp and uncluttered old-school lines, race car aggression, and purposeful gait over oh-so-aspirational wheels that's just so hot right now...

Race teams started testing the 240 Turbo as a Touring Car racer in 1983, with Thomas Lindström often found behind the wheel pushing the limits and taking notes. He'd go on to campaign the car you see here in the ETCC, with his team TL Racing AB competing without official Volvo involvement. The car was actually remarkably close to the production model - even the centre-lock assemblies were crafted in such a way to mount them to the original hubs; naturally the team beefed up the brakes, added a rollcage and installed a rapid-refuel system.
1984 saw Volvo Motorsport enter Group A with their official works cars, and a lot more of them entered the series, but the car you see here was the trailblazer: Lindström and his peers (Team Infra Paint, Sportpromotion, and IPS Motorsport) were the forefathers of the Volvo 240 Touring Cars. And this old turbobrick's aged rather well, hasn't it?

Spotted at 75MM - more pics here.


Warren said...

Daniel thanks for the kind comments and very pleased you appreciate our work! 2 year restoration, the whole story is told in this month's Motorsport Magazine (flying brick) Cheers, Warren.

juice said...

Great news Warren, I'll be sure to pick up a copy!