Monday, 27 February 2017

Wide-arch E36 Touring

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This angry little bruiser was all over the show scene in 2016, making great waves in its efforts to annoy people - colossal spoilers like this invariably draw negative attention, much to the amusement of their owners, while others decried the logic of lavishing such expense on a humdrum E36 estate. But there's more to this build than first meets the eye...
Sure, the ballsy aesthetics are pretty unmissable; aside from that vast 66" chassis-mounted wing, there's also the super-wide diffuser, and the aggressive 4" wide-arch conversion over those custom split-rims (made from original 7x15" BMW wheels, incidentally, and converted to 11x17" up front and a whopping 12x17" out back). It's sitting on the floor thanks to an Air Lift setup. But this isn't all show and no go - not by a long shot. Its owner, Edward Johnston, has rather brilliantly swapped in an S50B30 motor from an M3, along with the M3 gearbox, brakes and LSD. So it's not just a show poser. It's really bloody terrifying.

Spotted at Show and Glow 2016 - more pics here.

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