Friday, 2 September 2016

Bristol Bullet

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

A true Bristol needs to be polarising. They've never built catch-all cars to please every eye - Bristols have always been challenging, offbeat, and even repellent to some. It's this repellency that forms the principal appeal for many owners, it's like being in a belligerent club.
The new Bullet, you'll be pleased to learn, is typically shocking. (Shocking in a positive sense, that is, for it is indisputably superb.) For £250k you get a retro-styled roadster that'll hurtle from 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, all the while enveloping you in sumptuous luxury. And yet it's deliberately obtuse. There's no roof - none at all - and Bristol traditionalists will be aghast at the massive touchscreen in the dash. They'll choke on their pipes with renewed fervour when they learn that the body is made from carbon composites rather than hand-formed aluminium. But if you want a Bristol in the traditional-ish sense, this is the last chance to buy a new one - parent company Frazer-Nash are experimenting with electric and hybrid drivetrains, and the era of brawny, V8-powered Bristols will have this new Bullet as its full-stop.
Personally, I think it's utterly magnificent. Lottery ticket purchased, fingers crossed.

Spotted at Salon Privé 2016 - more pics here.

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