Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Wrigley's Golf

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Dan Guirey's Golf is arguably the coolest Mk1 on the scene right now. Take a look at the engine bay, for starters - it's a work of art; running a 1.9-litre G60 block with a 2.0-litre 8v Beetle crossflow head, there's forged pistons, spiky cams and, best of all, a Turbonetics 60 Series T3 turbo. Peak power is somewhere around 300bhp, the spent gases barking through a raucous side-exit exhaust - and that's all in keeping with the race car vibe, those Berg Cup arches and crisp Wrigley's livery imbuing a keen frisson of retro mischief.
In deference to the race car outlook, however, is the sheer cleanliness of the thing. Everything from the shaved bay to the flocked dash speaks of an obsession with detail, an eye for millimetric precision and only choosing parts that feel right for the build.

The Spearmint theme actually harks back to a 1977 rally livery, and the colour-coded rocker cover is an inspired extension of this. There's race car equipment in spades, comprising an 02J gearbox with CAE shifter, hydraulic handbrake, full cage with helmet nets, Sparco buckets and much more besides; allied with the rally-infused elements of the Wrigley's stripes, the quad-spotlights and the switches labelled with Dymo tape, it makes for a glorious race/rally mashup.
Look out for it at a show near you. Because Dan does all the shows...

Spotted at the 2016 Players Classic - more pics here.

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