Thursday, 4 August 2016

Supertouring Mondeo

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The BTCC's Supertouring era really was brilliant, wasn't it? Spiralling budgets, fierce competition, absurd levels of technological advancement - it was to Touring Car racing what Group B was to rallying. (Well, sort of.)
The Mk1 Mondeo is one of the true icons of the era, particuarly in rakish Valvoline livery. Raced in period by such luminaries as Andy Rouse and Paul Radisich, these mid-nineties racers featured a shouty and highly-strung V6 motor mounted way back in the chassis - a 2.0-litre 24v unit producing 300bhp. Everything about the spec was cutting edge, from the sequential 6-speed 'box to the 8-pot Brembos and custom Matter chassis. These cars cost about £500,000 apiece back in the 1990s, and they sell for about £100,000-150,000 today. All of that nerdy tech means that they're still formidable racers, even twenty years on.
Most exciting for me, however, is that I had a Scalextric model of the Valvoline Mondeo when I was a kid, so seeing one up close was a bit of a thrill. Looks fast even being pushed around the Goodwood paddocks, doesn't it?

Spotted at 74MM - more pics here.

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