Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Weathered Elan

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Looks, as the old saying goes, can be deceiving. At first glance this lime green Elan may appear to be a shabby and unloved example, but a helpful note left in the windscreen reveals that this is very far from the case; indeed, it's owned by an ardent enthusiast who prizes functionality and driving enjoyment over flawless aesthetics.
This chap actually bought the 1972 Elan Sprint way back in 1980, and - aside from the sturdy Safety Devices rollcage - he's deliberately kept the car's extensive modifications under the radar. Beneath that gently weathered skin lurks a Stage 3 tuned twin-cam from Quorn Engine Developments, uprated Elan +2 brakes, grippy modern tyres, and a 3.77:1 diff. It sounds like a hoot, and makes that cracking and patinated fibreglass seem all the more noble - the little Lotus is wearing its decades with pride, and there's a dark heart within the lurid dishevelment.

Spotted at the Goodwood Breakfast Club - more pics here.

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