Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nissan-engined Sierra

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Probably the best thing about this Sierra is the fact that its appearance at Wheels Day sparked an all-day marathon of passers-by saying 'Oh, that's so wrong'. Which is presumably just what its owner was hoping for.
People get inordinately worked up over engine swaps, particularly swaps from other marques, and it was genuinely amusing to observe the Ford faithful frothing at the mouth at the notion of somebody having the temerity to install a Nissan CA18 motor into one of their beloved jellymoulds. As you can see, of course, the owner has been fiendishly clever about all this; he hasn't just thrown in a JDM engine to annoy people, the whole thing's properly built throughout. You can see from the effort that's gone into the details - the vast Wilwood brakes, the lightweight Team Dynamics wheels with sticky Toyos, the hardcore rollcage, the plastic windows, this is a car built for high-octane mischief. The fact that it really irritates people is merely a fringe benefit. Haters gon' hate, etc.

More pics from Wheels Day here.

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