Thursday, 3 March 2016

Eagle E-Type Donor

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis 

As the seasoned automotive connoisseur that you no doubt are, you'll be familiar with the sublime and otherworldly work of Eagle, the self-styled crafters of 'The world's finest E-Type Jaguars'. For years they've been wowing us with the likes of the sylph-like Speedster, the ultra-restomod Low Drag, and this year there's the all-new Spyder GT... but with such sumptuous and flawless works coming to market at eye-watering prices, it's easy to forget that these aren't brand new, ground-up creations. Every single one is based on a tired old E-Type that was in dire need of restoration.
So, in order to offer first-hand evidence that each car is a self-contained miracle, Eagle's stand at the London Classic Car Show featured a donor car; a tired and wheezing example freshly imported from California - straight and correct, but also exhausted. Parked alongside their shimmering showpieces, you can really get a handle on the hours they put in. It's a little tiring just thinking about it, isn't it?

...and to throw the counterpoint into sharp perspective, here's the sort of thing they'll end up turning it into. Magical.

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