Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Buffy's E39

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The nature of the truly dedicated show car is that it must never sit still, never allow the grass to grow under its feet. (Well, tyres.) As soon as a picture appears online it has to be immediately out of date, as the tenacious and effervescent owner changes, reworks, alters, pioneers...

With this in mind, the photos you're seeing here are well out of date. As editor of Performance BMW magazine, owner Buffy is more keenly aware than most of the need to keep moving, and her E39 transforms quicker than Clark Kent in a phonebox. What you're seeing is the car as it was at last year's Players Classic, enjoying a flawlessly executed air-ride install, badass OZ splits, and an eat-your-dinner-off-it refresh of the factory paint hue. There's all manner of treats hiding under the skin too, Buffy really cares about the details.

So why are we looking at it now, if it doesn't look like this any more? Well... can you keep a secret? It's undergoing a massive transformation as we speak. Massive. I'm not going to give you any clues, just keep watching the skies. Things are about to get hectic.

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