Friday, 4 December 2015

Polymath Escort

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

I've spotted this Escort here and there on the show scene throughout 2015 and only managed to grab a handful of rubbish pictures, but I thought it was time to share it because... well, just look at it. It's astounding.

When embarking upon a project, people generally have a single focus in mind: they're going to build a show car, or a race car, or a daily driver, or a restomod - you get the idea. But the guy behind this car, Nik Plant, wanted it to tick quite a few boxes at once. The over-arching vision was to create a flawless showstopper that'd also be a reliable and sensible daily driver, and able to run 12-second quarters up the strip as well. Impressively, he's managed to achieve this ambitious goal with gusto.
The car started life as a 1971 1100L, and still wears most of its original panels (all extensively smoothed) along with Mexico wings. Under the bonnet lies a home-built, race-spec 2.1 Pinto with Wössner pistons, Cosworth conrods, a big-valve Vulcan head, Kent cams, and Weber twin-50s, along with a saucy Harris exhaust manifold. It makes a verified 201bhp - pretty damn good for a nat-asp Pinto.
The chassis wears Group 4 coilovers along with plenty of old-school tricks - Princess brakes, decambered leaves, Panhard rod, lowering blocks - and the wheels are good ol' Lotus steels.

All in all, a beautifully cohesive build, resplendent in Electric Monza Blue and dripping in sublime detail. For many, the perfect MkI Escort.

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