Thursday, 17 December 2015

Cosworth Fiesta MkII

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

There are a number of ways to spice up a MkII Fiesta. Ford themselves had a few attempts at it, beginning with the retro-striped 1.3-litre Supersport, which paved the way for the lurid 1.6-toting XR2. These were rorty little pocket rockets, focusing on poise and light weight rather than outright grunt, and more than capable of raising a smile and keeping it there down a winding B-road. But if you really want to raise some eyebrows (along with the hairs on the back of your neck), why not try tearing the whole thing down to first principles, then building it back up with a Cosworth YB and a conversion to rear wheel drive? That's what this fella seems to have done, and it's got crazy oozing out of every shutline.

Even standing still it's an assault on the senses, with a number of key elements jostling for position and trying to jab you in the eye - the broad arches, the pumped-up motorsport stance, the sodding great intercooler... but what really shouts out at you is how clean the damn thing is. It's hard enough to re-engineer something as comprehensively as this to transmute it from shopper hatch to dragstrip weapon, but to pay so much attention to the aesthetics too? It really is a work of art, and clearly a matter of much pride for the builder. Just look at the triangulated strut tops, the fuel filler in the side window, the fitment of the carbon-fibre tailgate, the flawless paint... this is no thrown-together horsepower-chaser, this is the realisation of someone's lifelong dream. 

Spotted at the 2015 Retro Show - more pics here.

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