Thursday, 1 October 2015

BudMat 1000bhp Skyline

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Drift looper Piotr Wiecek's R34 is no ordinary Skyline. In fact, it's barely a Skyline at all; he's ripped it back to its component elements and built it up as something genuinely scary. Where the GT-T's RB25DET NEO motor once sat, there's now a Toyota 2JZ-GTE straight-six, tuned up to a hysterical 1,000bhp. The back end of the car has been unceremoniously lopped off, with merely a silhouette frame housing the rear-mounted cooling system. ("It's easier to swap when the tail kisses the wall, too" he chuckled when I asked him about it.) Every last body panel has been replaced with lightweight composite items - the doors, for example, are so light that you can tap them open with one finger - and the interior is a keen lesson in race car minimalism. A formidable and impressive Skyline, then, despite not really being one any more.

Spotted at the 2015 FoS - more photos here.

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