Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Volvo Concept ES

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This rakish shooting brake is a concept that Volvo built for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show; one of three concepts that were developed together, it sat alongside the Concept Coupe and XC Concept, which respectively demonstrated Volvo's luxo-sporting creds and family values. The ES is the midway point between those two, offering a sort of sporty lifestyle family estate thingy, drawing styling cues from the P1800 ES of the 1970s.
One of the things Volvo were most excited to point out about this concept is the dash; specifically its lack of buttons, which they reckon is the future of interior design. Minimised complexity, and one big touchscreen. There's a lot more to enjoy about the interior too, from the floating seats and their crossover seatbelts to the random Swedish brick-based game showcased under glass in the boot. And the exterior is no less beguiling, resplendent in mile-deep chocolatey brown paint and bejewelled with wraparound tail-lights, glass roof, and gaunt, angular aggression. Volvo themselves describe the concept as 'a powerful silhouette of bold proportions, with a vivid, bright and cosy interior — a nod to the Swedish living room, a place that makes you feel so comfortable you’re reluctant to leave'. Sadly it's extremely unlikely that they'll put it into production, it's more a statement of intent, a showcase of design and ideology. But hey, stranger things have happened. Maybe if you wish hard enough...

Spotted at Salon Privé 2015 - more photos here.

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