Tuesday, 1 September 2015

UFO 530i

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Phil Perryman’s E12 530i caused quite a stir at Goodwood’s 73rd Members’ Meeting this year, with its mesmerisingly retro racing stripes and shouty straight-six bark. It's a car that the veteran racer remembers battling against back in the 1990s, which he was able to acquire recently with the aim of preparing it for classic racing, Goodwood's recently-revived Members' Meetings being at the core of this thinking.
The car evokes the livery of Team Luigi's UFO Jeans colours, with the hand-marked stripes copied from images of the original car racing at Zandvoort in 1977. Phil saw to it that the tired old racer was structurally refreshed and perfected, and the brawny 3.0-litre Big Six found itself adorned with Schrick cams, a big-valve head and tubular manifold to eke out a mighty 270bhp.

A formidable and eye-catching race car, it turned a lot of heads at Goodwood. You can read all about it in this month's BMW Car magazine, in a feature I wrote with my own two hands. Off you pop to the shops, then.

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