Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ferrari FXXK

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

A car has to be really special for a manufacturer to name it with an expletive. It doesn't happen much. The Lamborghini Countach is probably the most noteworthy example, its name supposedly being a crass Piedmontese exclamation reserved for those occasions when you spot a sylph-like lady who you consider to be a bit of alright.
With the FXXK, however, Ferrari have thrown any semblance of subtlety out of the window. And this isn't surprising, as it's not really a subtle car...

The latest product of Ferrari’s Corse Clienti division, the FXXK is a sort of mobile test lab for the marque's wealthiest customers, its track-only focus ticking the boxes of those that want the most extreme Ferrari that isn't an ex-F1 car. In return, Ferrari get to test out new race-bred technologies and receive developmental feedback from people who like to drive really, really fast. The FXX programme has been running for around a decade now and, while we scoffed at the notion of a £1m+ Enzo that you couldn't drive on the road or even take home with you, the idea's gained a lot of traction. The fact that McLaren and Aston Martin are now employing a similar model speaks volumes.
The FXXK, then, is a bit of a loon. It offers 1,035bhp from its hybrid drivetrain, building on the bananas performance of LaFerrari and cranking everything up a notch. The exhaust system is wholly unsilenced (which is hilarious, if totally deafening), the manettino offers a qualifying mode, the aero is straight from F1, and, above all, it makes you utter an involuntary "fxxk" as it rumbles by... which is presumably what the engineers were hoping for.

Spotted at Salon Privé 2015 - more photos here.

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