Thursday, 23 July 2015

Spruce Deluxe

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The 105E Anglia is, in stock form, a sort of modifying Meccano set. It's got all the right ingredients for tweaking into awesomeness - little chrome fins, retro-futurist reverse-rake chic, a natty assortment of colours, a big wide mouth like a disgruntled fish - and it's easy to make them look super-cool with a few well-chosen tweaks. Look at this little poppet, for example: the '67 Deluxe's retro Spruce Green paint works beautifully against the chrome, so that's been retained. It's augmented by a healthy dose of lowering, some nicely polished Minilites (or similar) with a fat slug of dish, and some race roundels to act as a statement of intent. It sits right, it's slathered in period features (check out the the raised-letter number plates!), and it looks like whatever's under the bonnet should provide a decent bit of poke. So... hot crossflow? Old-school pre-crossflow? Unexpected Pinto? Place bets now...

Spotted at the 2015 Bromley Pageant - more pics here.

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