Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mad Mike's FD RX-7

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Mad Mike's RX-7 is the stuff of legend. As is the man himself, in fact; having started off in motorcross at the age of 6, he moved into four-wheeled motorsport when he'd spent sufficient time proving to himself that fear and pain were other people's concerns. He began drifting in 2007, and demonstrated such natural flair for it that he found himself flooded with sponsorship offers before long from the likes of Red Bull, Mazda, Speedhunters, Etnies and Nitto. This has allowed him the freedom to create iconic drift cars without having to worry too much about budget - he's got a bonkers RX-8 and is in the process of crafting the loopiest MX-5 you've ever seen, but it's the RX-7 that really captures the imagination of the fans.

The car's a '96 model, sporting a Rocket Bunny FD3S kit stretched over those insanely broad Nessen Forged M|10.0 wheels. The engine is a frankly astonishing 26B quad-rotor - essentially two regular 13B engines fused together to create a barrel-chested monster - with huge throttle bodies, a complex two-stage fuelling system and bespoke, well, everything. It runs through an HKS 6-speeder to a full-spool locker diff, with 534bhp at the wheels making enthusiastic mincemeat of the 265-section Nittos. It's a shouty and outrageous thing, it looks glorious, and with Mad Mike at the wheel it's always guaranteed to hype up the crowds. (Who then disappear in a fug of white rubber smoke.) This is one of the cars you'll be telling your grandchildren about.

Spotted at the 2015 FoS - more photos here.

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