Friday, 24 July 2015

Aston Martin Vulcan

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

People often say that all modern Aston Martins look broadly similar. Fair? Possibly. But this is Aston Martin's riposte, the Vulcan, and it's frankly bloody terrifying.
It's got a naturally-aspirated 7.0-litre V12 that imbues it with a shouty 800bhp, mounted in the front because that's the AM way and they don't need to do mid-engined supercars. (Well, apart from the DP-100, but that only exists in a nebulous fashion.) It's the lowest car they've ever built, at just 1186mm tall, and it wears its keenness for juicy aero proudly on its sleeve; a rear spoiler that doubles as a breakfast bar and a diffuser that could be used for handy bedroom storage, coupled with a front splitter that would take great pleasure in separating you from your feet, all topped off by a disgruntled squint that serves as a constant reminder that the Vulcan is really pissed off with you.

They're only building 24 of them, all of course pre-sold at the bargainous price of £1.5m apiece. This is the way to silence the critics - yes, the V8/DB9/Vanquish/Virage/et al may be the money-spinning volume-sellers (in sports/supercar terms, at least) that share a similar silhouette, but Aston Martin are more than happy to expend some real effort into aspirational exclusivity. First the One-77, then the CC100, now this. So, what next?

Spotted at the 2015 FoS - more pics here.

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