Thursday, 16 February 2017

2Polished Karmann Ghia

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This snake's-belly Ghia is the brainchild of Nicolas Wlostowski, the mind behind Belgian wheel refinishing brand 2Polished. It stood out a mile among the modern watercooled fare at 2015's Players Classic by virtue of it being, er, aircooled and quite a lot older. Which is no bad thing, of course.
One of the most attention-grabbing features of the car - aside from the panscraping stance and lurid paint - is the smoothie wheels, artfully reworked as 17" split-rims. A lovely little tie-in between the classic and modern VW scenes there.
In addition, Nico's build features a 1,641cc motor with W100 cams, lightened crankshaft, upgraded rockers, and a raucous stinger exhaust out back. There are Porsche 912 gauges and a short-shift inside, and that suspension isn't air-ride: the floorpan's been raised to aid clearance, the front beam's been narrowed, and dropped spindles and spring plates see the whole thing sitting on the floor. So yes, he drives it around at that height, no tricks. Impressive, huh?

More pics from the 2015 Players Classic here.

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