Thursday, 25 June 2015

Datsun 260Z V8

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The 260Z was an evolutionary stepping-stone for Datsun. The 240Z had been launched back in 1970, winning hearts with its eager performance, race-bred pedigree and slinky, long-nosed looks that were clearly lifted wholesale from the Jaguar E-Type. 1974's update, the 260Z, offered much the same as that popular base, with the engine stroked from 2.4- to 2.6-litres (hence the respective names). It also offered a number of refinements - redesigned chassis rails, a rear anti-roll bar, a more logical layout for the dash controls - but the difference was really all about the engine.
That, however, doesn't matter all that much with this pretty white one, as the engine is long gone. In its place we find a 302 V8, the 4.9-litre Ford motor (that Ford liked to call the five-point-oh...), often found making shouty noises in Mustangs. It's a boisterous choice, and is probably a lot of fun. Looks very much at home in that bay too, doesn't it?

Spotted at the 2015 Players Classic - more photos here.


Phillip Nobes said...

Hi Thanks for spotting my Datsun and taking great photos. I found this one last year. From files and papers it had not been on the road for some 10 years plus. Needing a few jobs of wiring new carb plus gas coil overs front and rear. The latter is a Jag XJ rear end. Still works in progress the 3 speed auto little lumpy on change
Keeps my little R8 Gordini rep company !

juice said...

It's a pretty little thing, as is your R8 - have you had them featured anywhere...?