Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Colt Sapporo Turbo

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

At a show as vast and sprawling as the Bromley Pageant, it's usually near-impossible to pick a favourite car. You have to draw up a mental checklist of a dozen or so. But at the 2015 Pageant, there was one clear and obvious winner - this glorious Sapporo Turbo. It's just perfect from every angle, isn't it?

Now, the naming here is somewhat convoluted. It is, in essence, a Mitsubishi Sapporo, although it exists under the European Colt sub-brand, so you could just as accurately refer to it as a Colt Sapporo. And yet it wears an MMC badge too, for 'Mitsubishi Motors Corporation'... and the Sapporo wasn't a fully-fledged model in its own right anyway, not really - it was a coupe based on the third-generation Galant, the Galant Lambda, which was variously badged across the globe as a Plymouth Sapporo, Chrysler Sigma Scorpion, and even Dodge Challenger.

But forget all of that befuddling namery, it isn't important. What is important is the spec: this chocolatey-brown Sapporo Turbo is packing the sort of features that will make any self-respecting retro enthusiast shudder with delight. The stripy velour seats - ribbed for her pleasure - are pretty astonishing, and the flashes of cheesy polished wood offer an unusual counterpoint to the general sportiness. It's got a lovely wedgey shovel-nose, almost droop-snoot-esque, and when you look at the taillights up close you find that they have cool steps like an MC Escher painting. The pillarless doors, the rubber boot spoiler, the integral headrests, the lattice alloys, the fact that it's got 'Turbo' written everywhere like an old-school turbo should... it all adds up to a pretty thrilling sight. I've fallen for this car. Hard.

More pics from the 2015 Bromley Pageant here.

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