Monday, 16 March 2015

Browne RS1600

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Chris Browne and Ali Cornwell-Browne are a duo that get about a bit. They've been campaigning this MkI Escort RS1600 since 2004, in which time it's been spotted flinging gravel and mud about the place at events as disparate as the Roger Albert Clark Rally, Mid-Wales Historic Stages, Severn Valley Stages, Tour of Hamsterley, and the Red Kite Stages - and that's in addition to competing in Ireland, Belgium and what-have-you. This is a car that gets used, and hard.

You see it here in a rare moment of not-being-sideways-and-splattered-in-mud, lounging in the dappled light beneath the trees at last year's Motorsport at the Palace. As you can see, it ticks all of the boxes for the archetypal MkI rally machine: bubble arches, Minilites, fiercely forthright rollcage, all the trip-meters and maplights a co-driver could dream of... but it's also utterly pristine. The exterior is so flawless, it looks freshly built, and yet we know that it spends any moment possible having its neck wrung through damp, rocky forests. How on earth do they do it?

More photos from MATP 2014 here.

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