Thursday, 12 February 2015

Overfinch Defender SVX

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Overfinch are an interesting company. They started out in 1975 bolting quad-carb setups and Leyland P76 V8s into Range Rovers, going on to create some of the most improbably quick Rangies you can imagine, and basically inventing the genre of fast luxury off-roaders in one fell swoop. The Porsche Cayenne would be nothing without the Overfinch legacy. One of my own abiding memories is of a drag race years ago in which Jeremy Clarkson pitted an Overfinch Range Rover against a Ford Focus. The Overfinch was also towing a trailer with another Ford Focus on it. It still won by miles.

This Overfinch Defender is somewhat removed from those original stealth-upgrade projects, and is also about as far from the rugged, utilitarian simplicity of the original Land Rover Defender as you can get without being forced to call it something else. It's certainly not something lovingly embraced by the mud-plugging purists; this one-off SVX boasts marine-grade teak decking, leather-trimmed bucket seats, a reversing camera... so it's not really a Land Rover any more, is it? It's a big, sporty two-seater that can clamber over rocks, although you probably wouldn't want to in case it got dirty. But nevertheless a very interesting creation. Horses for courses, and all that.

Spotted at Joe Macari - click here for more.

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