Monday, 2 February 2015

Ferrari 365 GTC/4

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 - a.k.a. 'Daytona' - is very much the poster boy of late-sixties/early-seventies luxury grand tourers. It eschewed the glitz of Lamborghini's mid-engined chicanery for good ol' front-engined V12 continent-crossing.
...but everyone knows what the Daytona is. For the true conoisseur, perhaps the 365 GTC/4 is the answer? It was built in very low numbers in 1971-2, taking the underpinnings from the Daytona (engine, chassis, wheelbase, suspension) and packing it all into a 2+2 body. Pininfarina's graceful medley of curves and angles allows the V12-toting boulevardier to take the kids along for the ride as they blast down to Monte Carlo. This family-friendly outlook is bolstered by slightly softer suspension, power steering, and a somewhat detuned engine - although 340bhp should still be enough to raise the hairs on the back of everybody's necks.
Also, at £265,000, this Classiche-certified GTC/4 is about a third of the price of a Daytona. Something to think about.

Spotted at Joe Macari - more photos here.

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