Monday, 2 November 2015

GAZ Volga M21

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Unquestionably the most endearing thing about the Goodwood Revival is the sheer amount of effort that some people put in. CCK Historic's GAZ Volga may have been an also-ran in 2014's St. Mary's Trophy, but the '58 bruiser was a highlight of the show for many thanks to the theatricality of it all. Every time the car passed the pit wall (with either Tom Chilton or Roger Wills at the wheel), the crew saluted in unison, resplendent in period Soviet uniforms and serious expressions.
Back in the paddock, the mechanics' overalls bore the hammer and sickle, and the car itself was adorned with Leninist propaganda and even a kalashnikov. And you really can't argue with KGB number plates...

Sadly, the values of modern Russia appear to be almost as despotic as the USSR days that this endeavour sought to lampoon, so the magazine feature I'd lined up for this car has necessarily fallen through. But here are a few photos for you to enjoy - and you can see more from the 2014 Revival here.

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