Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Substandard Eight

Word & photos - Daniel Bevis

This rather brilliant contraption is something that a number of you may recognise, being a darling of the retro scene. It has been featured in PPC and Dep-O, and pops up at shows across the country, variously attracting cheerful applause and dirty glares.
It's a 1954 Standard Eight: a marque that enjoys a keen following, with many purists being none too happy about this project. There's a Pinto under the bonnet for a start, which came from a 1990s Transit and is mated to a Type 9 'box, a custom prop running to the Standard rear axle (which has a Triumph Herald diff). The Eight sits low on Gaz suspension - Triumph Spitfire coilovers up front, Mini dampers out back - and it hasn't been painted satin black for fashion purposes; that's the original paint, gently patinated and weathered by the ages. All artfully bolstered by some custom signwriting, of course!
A polarising build, but a thoroughly interesting one. SSBB approves.

Spotted at RRG14 - click here for more photos.

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