Thursday, 13 November 2014

Turbo Pickers

On December 1st a new car series, Turbo Pickers, will debut on the Discovery Channel. The premise is simple - a pair of guys (that's them in the photos) obtain knackered old heaps, do them up, and turn them into tidy little earners. A familiar format, of course, but there's a twist: these chaps are Paul Cowland and Dave Southall - the former, an obsessive car hoarder and relentless smiler; the latter, a trained acrobat with a PhD in engineering. Much scope for mischief and monkeyshines there, then. Gaze agog as they turn a tired Porsche 924 into a track car! Pick your jaw up from the floor as they buff up a German scooter! Hide behind the sofa as a Triumph Herald crumbles around them!

Be sure to tune in. You'll like it.

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