Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Maserati 5000 GTI

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Where do you think the GTI badge originated? With VW's cheeky Golf in 1975? No, Maserati were using it as far back as the early '60s...

The marque's centenary celebrations have ensured a rich and vibrant mix of unusual Masers at any car show you care to name (the Alfieri at the Festival of Speed was a particular highlight), and this glimmering poppet was taking pride of place at the NEC's Classic Motor Show.
A GTI in the true sense of the term - a Gran Turismo equipped with fuel injection - this 5000 is one of just thirty-two cars built. They differed dramatically in their bodywork; Carrozzeria Touring's effort was somewhat controversial, but the majority of them (22 in all) were bodied by Allemano. The one you see here is a 1962 car, styled by Michelotti, with those gorgeous lines delicately enveloping a 5.0-litre V8 with Lucas mechanical fuel injection, dual plugs, a 4-speed ZF 'box and, impressively, a peak power figure of 340bhp. It's also so beautiful it makes your eyes water - as might the cost: RM Auctions sold a Frua-bodied example for £1.15m this year; back in 2011 Bonhams sold an Allemano 5000 for a more reasonable £355k. But it's finding one for sale at all that's the tricky part...

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