Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Callum Jaguar Mark 2

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Ian Callum's pet-project Mk2 Jaguar, assembled by Classic Motor Cars, is a polarising thing. It takes a timeless and, for many, untouchable silhouette, and contemporises it with such modern accoutrements as integrated bumpers, centre-exit exhausts and 17" wheels. Sacrilege to some, but a work of unparalleled brilliance to others.
Callum, of course, is Jaguar Cars' Director of Design, and his intepretation of the venerable Mk2 is a combination of childhood yearning and a keenness to use such a classic as a practical daily driver. So the standard form is largely retained, but comprehensively reworked; the wings are wider, there are extra louvres for cooling and venting, the chrome trim is largely deleted and smoothed, the headlights are decent halogens, there's a reversing camera. Under the bonnet is a modernised classic; the straight-six is enlarged to 4.3-litres, wears twin SU carbs, and has electronic ignition and super-efficient cooling. Inside, all is trimmed in sumptuous quilted leather and Wilton carpet, but there's also modern audio & sat-nav, inertia-reel belts, heated screen and remote central locking. It is, in all senses, a fully optimised new-old Jag. You can read all about it in a feature I wrote for the latest Retro Cars mag, in the shops this Friday (November 21st).

These pics snapped at Salon Privé 2014 - click here for more.

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