Monday, 24 November 2014

'66 Chrysler Newport

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The Chrysler Newport is the archetypal American two-door: unnecessarily big, with an unnecessarily big engine. Because they had big roads, and cheap fuel, and why the hell shouldn't they have big cars?
This particular one is a 1966 model - a fourth-generation Newport that was offered with either a 383ci (6.3-litre) V8 or, if you were feeling saucy, a hot-rod 440ci (7.2-litre). The interior featured luxuriously trimmed seats, posh carpets and a half-moon speedo, while the chrome-laden exterior was designed specifically to look like it was zipping along at a fair lick even when it was standing still - check out the angled-back grille, the swooping fastback, the combination of a short overhang at the front and a long one at the rear - it's almost cartoonish.
What I like most about this one, however, is that the owner clearly likes to park it next to very small cars in order to further accentuate its massiveness. SuckSqueezeBangBlow fully endorses this behaviour.

Spotted at the 2014 Goodwood Revival - click here for more photos.

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