Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wolseley 1300 Plus

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The British Motor Company were really rather generous when it came to sharing models across brands. After their ADO16 platform appeared in 1962, it ended up being badged as an Austin 1100 & 1300 with the same numbers found on MG, Morris and Wolseley variants; it was also a Riley Kestrel, Austin America, Innocenti IM3 and various others. They squeezed every drop of value out of that design.

It was an eminently practical family car in its day, but of course the world has moved on. We live in a spiralling consumer culture, the descent into stuff-gathering is inevitable and unquenchable, and that's why you see the families of 2014 driving around in Volvo XC90s. They need the space to cart their things about.
Not this fella, though. He's applied a little lateral thinking to his load-carrying requirements, and increased the capacity of his Wolseley 1300 by simply chopping another one in half and tying it to the back. That's British ingenuity, that is.

Spotted at the 2014 Concours de l'Ordinaire - click here for more photos.

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