Thursday, 23 October 2014

Maserati Barchetta

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Don't feel too bad if you haven't seen a Maserati Barchetta before - they only built seventeen of them. Each one featured a 2.0-litre 24v V6 mounted amidships, and most were built in corsa (racing) spec, although a number have subsequently been converted to stradale (street-legal) trim to complement the early prototypes. Built at the De Tomaso plant in Modena, the cars featured ultra-light bodies in a mix of carbon-fibre and fibreglass, draped over a lightweight spaceframe; the Grantrofeo Barchetta series saw the cars compete in anger in 1992/3, and their legacy lived on in the De Tomaso Guara, which utilised a modifed form of the Barchetta's frame.

This particular Barchetta belongs to Cornelia Baur. It was originally raced in the Grantrofeo Barchetta by Cor Euser, and was run in period by High Klas Racing of Denmark. You see it here in the Maserati centenary class at Salon Privé, where it more than held its own amongst the other obscure trident-bearing classics. It was a lot of fun to stand next to, because most passers-by would perform comical double-takes and then scamper over to find out what the hell it was. (Me included, actually, I'd never heard of it before.) Rather beautiful, isn't it? And I like its little moustache.

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