Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Every now and then a car appears on the scene that transcends mere fads and fashions, waves two wanton fingers at the rulebook, and makes everybody re-evaluate just what's possible in the sphere of fiddling about with old cars. The car you see here is - whisper it - LaSupra.

The brainchild of a father-and-son team, Peter and Lasse, this Lancia Delta has been tweaked and honed for the best part of a decade. Its current guise - the latest, but by no means ultimate, iteration - features Toyota Supra running gear and some frankly eye-watering aero addenda. You can see it looking about 5% less bonkers here on Speedhunters back in June 2013... and here it is in April of last year, re-liveried in the spirit of Speedhunters' #JoyOfMachine ethos, and with the Toyota twin turbos swapped for a sodding great Precision 6266, angling total beef toward 700bhp-odd. And as you pore over the photos you can see just how fastidious and pernickerty the build has become - every millimetre of the car has been analysed and streamlined for purpose and performance. The fact that it's a bit of a looker is merely a happy coincidence.

As ever, you can click the photos to expand!
Spotted at RRG14 - click here for more pics from the event.

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