Friday, 17 October 2014

Aston Martin DB2 DHC

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The Aston Martin DB2 is an achingly pretty thing, fusing elegant curves with a whole lot of right angles; it's perfectly proportioned, dripping in chrome, and has one of the coolest dashboards ever produced. It was quite an advanced thing in its day, too - the DOHC straight-six was cutting-edge stuff in the early 1950s, its design having been overseen by W.O. Bentley.
This particular one is a 1951 model that was first owned by Prince Bertil of Sweden; he specced a number of factory upgrades before taking delivery, most notably a floor-mounted gearshift and a Vantage engine, with its bigger carbs, revised cam duration and increased compression ratio. It's now owned by Ton Blankvoort, and you see it here about to take second place in Salon Privé's 'Fit for a King' category. (So, fit for a prince, then...)

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