Wednesday, 15 October 2014

'65 Plymouth Barracuda

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

One of my favourite things about the Goodwood Revival is the free 'n' easy paddock access, allowing you to get all close up and touchy-feely with the cars that have been roaring around on track mere moments before.
Take this 1965 Barracuda, for example. Duncan Pittaway's pristine blue racer, resplendent in Ohio plates and that trademark vast rear window, made a hell of rumble in the Shelby Cup, all lairy tail-out hijinks and V8 boisterousness. And yet here it sits perfectly serene, bonnet agape for your delectation. Is it suffering, awaiting frantic repairs? Or simply relaxing after a tasty battle? Well, that's all part of the mystery...

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Steve W said...

That's a 66. 65 had a round taillight centers and a more sculptured grill with horizontal bars in the center flanked by driving lights. 4.7l V8.

juice said...

Thanks for the info! The programme said that it was a '65 - always happy to be corrected... :)