Monday, 15 September 2014

Macon 307E

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Phew! The Goodwood Revival was as bustling and overwhelmingly diverse as ever - perhaps even more so than ever before - and there's a huge amount of stuff that I'll be sharing on SSBB over the coming weeks. But let's start with a familiar face... well, familiar to me, anyway: this Anglia-faced 307E Thames van was the subject of a feature I wrote for Retro Ford magazine about a year ago. Built by Pete Alexander, the mastermind behind PA Motorsport, it serves as a sedate and leisurely counterpoint to the racier machines he can usually be found in. Pete's name is synonymous with Formula Ford, and he also has a badass grey 105E that you may well have seen racing about at Goodwood and elsewhere. But when he wants to slow things down a bit (or, er, carry stuff - this is a van, after all) he presses 'pause' on life behind the wheel of this minty-fresh old Ford load-lugger.
When Pete found the van a few years ago, it had been sitting in a slowly collapsing garage since 1969 - so you can imagine the sort of work that went into getting it into this state. He effectively stripped it down to first principles and started from scratch. That said, it's remarkably original; look at the nose, it's even got a hole for a starting handle! Oh, and the Macon livery? Well, Pete uses the van to support his race endeavours, and Macon Race Cars is a company he bought around a decade ago - they built single-seaters from the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties. See, it all ties together in a neat little package.

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