Monday, 14 December 2015

Nothelle-Kamei Audi Coupé

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This retro Audi race car is a bona fide 1980s original, dating back to the '81 Group 2 season. It's been fully restored in Belgium by Johan Aerts, who's faithfully retained its period features; the 240bhp five-cylinder motor (originally built by Henri Lotterer), the chunky arches and split-rims, even that old-school steering wheel. One or two concessions have been made to modern safety - the Hans-compatible Recaro seat, for example - as this is no museum piece or show pony: Aerts revived it to race. It's competed in numerous classic events, including BRAVO (Belgian Racing Automotive Vintage Organisation) races - fittingly at the hands of André Lotterer, Henri's son - and you see it here lurking in the paddocks and pouncing up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It's even had the bonnet freshly autographed by Rolf Nothelle himself - clearly impressed with the restoration. As well he should be, it looks glorious.

Click here for more snaps from the 2014 FoS.

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