Monday, 4 August 2014

Drift E46 M3

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

It's great to see German cars competing in a genre ususally dominated by Japanese motors, particularly when it's something as raucous and high-tech as an E46-generation BMW M3. This Phoenix Yellow example is a fairly serious bit of kit too - you can see that the interior's been stripped out, sporting little more than Cobra buckets and a beefy rollcage (although the full dash and stereo has been retained -  a little touch of civility to counterpoint the raw performance), and under the skin can be found HSD coilovers, uprated Brembos, a hydraulic handbrake, a Blue Flame exhaust, and all manner of chassis tweaks to get it sliding extravagantly. There's even a bonded-in carbon-fibre roof, which adds lots of extra cool points.

You see it here resting between runs at the 2014 Apex Festival - click here for more photos.

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