Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Retro Drift Escort

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

This Escort is unapologetically offbeat, although the owner does feel the need to explain himself: if you enlarge the rear-view shot, you'll see that the back window bears this explanation: 'No, it's not a show car! It's a retro drift car! It gets the bollocks thrashed out of it! How would you look if you got thrashed?'
Crikey. He must get a lot of people making negative comments at car shows...

But like I say, it's an offbeat car, built for one thing and one thing only: to get sideways and smoky in the Retro Drift Challenge - a formula that's growing in popularity, allowing drivers of older cars to get into the hedonistic drifting scene. The Escort features an M52B28 (the 2.8-litre straight-six that you'd find in a BMW 328i of E36 vintage), along with mismatched buckets and harnesses, a lashed-in BMW dash, and a less-than-perfect paint job. But that all adds to the car's character - it was built for function, and a brawny BMW six-pot should be more than enough to atomise those broad rear tyres. Looks like fun!

Spotted at the Bromley Pageant - click here for more.

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