Monday, 2 June 2014

McLaren 650S

Words & pictures - Daniel Bevis

McLaren's 650S is a swoopy, exotic thing, which arrives as something of an inevitability when considered alongside its factory stablemates. The new P1 hypercar is an ultra-futuristic vision in curvaceous physics-defiance, which does much to bolster the widespread opinion that, for all its merits, the MP4-12C (or just '12C' these days) is a bit pedestrian-looking. So McLaren decided to smear some of the P1's make-up on the 12C and voila, this happened. They threw some extra baubles into the mix - stiffer suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, an extra 25bhp (thanks to bigger intercoolers, and revised pistons and heads), carbon bucket seats - and suddenly the 12C's production was 'temporarily suspended' as customers realised that it was fundamentally pointless ordering one when this much better variant existed. Such is the ineffably complicated supercar market.

I spotted this one recently, glinting Tango-like in the sunshine in its searing citrus finery, and it would have been churlish not to take a few snaps and an extended glance over the finer details. There are peeking glimpses of carbon-fibre everywhere, even in the stylised sweep of the McLaren logo on the tail. My, they have thought of everything, haven't they?

Spotted at MATP 2014 - click here for more.

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