Monday, 9 June 2014

Martini Corrado

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Some brand names lend themselves rather well to race team applications - Gulf, Demon Tweeks, Warsteiner... and some don't; see this year's MG BTCC team, for example: MG KX Clubcard Fuel Save. Hmm.

Martini works. The Martini stripes have always enlivened a race car to an alluring degree, from Porsche 917s to Lancia Delta Integrales, and those stripes look brilliantly purposeful on street cars like this VW Corrado. Similarly purposeful is the aired-out stance over those vast Rotiform VCEs, and it looks just peachy with the rain beading across it under heavy Goodwood skies. It doesn't particularly make me want to drink Martini, but it has got me leafing through eBay for Corrados...

Spotted at the 2014 Players Classic - click here for more.

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