Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Jägermeister Golf

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Things that are awesome about this badass Golf:
  • It's bright orange
  • It's rocking the classic Jägermeister livery, like you'd see on Group 5 E21s back in the late-seventies
  • It's pumped-up with steroidal Berg Cup aggression
  • There are carbon-fibre wing mirrors and air ducts set into the Perspex windows
  • The skirts are so fat, they look like 1920s running boards
  • It sounds like a dustbin full of angry bees 
  • Did I mention it was bright orange?
All of this, and it appears to be road-legal too. Someone's built themselves a magnificent little toy here, it's a wide-track retro citrus superstar. SSBB approves.
Spotted at the Apex Festival - click here for more photos.

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