Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Dogapillar T4

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

With such a broad and vibrant scene around the tuning and modifying of aircooled VWs, it's easy to forget that there's huge enthusiasm for the nineties T4 Transporter too.
This one's a bit of fun - to create 'Dogapillar', the owner's taken styling cues from the Caterpillar range of plant machinery - most notably the colour scheme - and chopped the back off his T4 to create a platform to showcase a pint-sized digger. Add in a set of Porsche 996 Turbo wheels to tie the build into the watercooled stance scene, along with a yellow fog light on the nose to echo back to the classic VW campers of yore, and the result is a nicely resolved and unique project. Top marks.
Oh, and the interior's all denim too, just like this splittie - there are some interior shots here.

Spotted at Apex 2014 - click here for more.

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