Monday, 16 June 2014

'Bagged Impreza

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

The key to modifying cars is often to upset the applecart - to challenge accepted norms and received wisdom, and to go your own way regardless of what people may think. Certain scenes make this harder than others; fans of the Subaru Impreza, for example, can sometimes be fervently siloed in their own view of the acceptable treatment for the model: World Rally Blue, uprated with a focus solely on performance, with enough daylight visible in the arches to suggest an immediate willingness to go bouncing through a gravelly forest at the drop of a hat. So this low-down hawkeye must drive them nuts.
The fact that it's sitting on the ground is thanks to an airbag setup, the implications of which are keenly apparent to the owner, who displays a 'RUIN3D' plate in the boot. It wears that apparently essential shade of blue that only goes further to annoy the purists, given that a variety of other cues are drawn from the stance scene - Porsche brakes, 3SDM rims, sarcastically long wheel bolts... on the whole, it's a build crafted for two specific purposes: firstly, because that's what the owner wanted to do, and secondly, to wind up the haters. 'You've ruined it!' they'll cry. And the response will be 'What do you care? It's not your car...' 

Spotted at the 2014 Players Classic - click here for more photos.

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