Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Aircooled 100E

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

When spotted from afar, your first thought on spying this Ford Popular might be 'crikey, that's low'. But the jigsaw thickens as you get closer, when you realise that all is very far from what it seems. Indeed, it's a 100E in body alone (geeks will have spotted the 1969 registration number, the 100E having ceased production in '62); everything beneath is pure Volkswagen. The shell has been dropped over a Beetle floorpan, and peering inside the boot reveals a tweaked, aircooled motor in all its shiny glory.
A brilliantly executed conversion; if it was mine I'd tidy the body up a bit, but hey - what do I know about fashion?

Spotted at the Retro Show - click here for more.


Marc cremin said...

One of robs finest creations

Bryan Butler said...

body work is nowt to do with "fashion" and more to do with lack of funds lol