Monday, 9 February 2015

Williams Laguna 98/02

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

British Touring Cars of the 1990s Supertouring era were indisputably awesome - repmobile silhouettes jam-packed full of ultra-high-tech race bits, dropped on the floor and tucking vast wheels. The halo effect that BTCC racing created meant that your neighbour's mundane Laguna, Mondeo or Accord was suddenly super-cool, even if it was a base-model diesel with a tissue box on the parcel shelf.

Race cars, of course, have a limited shelf-life. So what's happened to all of those magnificent old challengers of the late twentieth century? Well, some are finding a new home in the popular Berg Cup series. The car you see here, chassis number 98/02, is campaigned by André Wiebe in European hillclimbing events - it's the car that Alain Menu drove in the BTCC in 1998, and still wears its fabulous period livery. (Well, if we're being pedantic, Menu actually drove it in green Nescafé Blend 37 colours but hey, the classic blue/yellow is better...) The Williams-built bruiser still has a fair amount of fight in it.

Spotted at the 2014 Apex Festival - click here for more photos.

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