Wednesday, 7 May 2014

#Project87 gets the blues

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

A few weeks ago, SuckSqueezeBangBlow's 205 GTI - aka Retro Cars magazine's #Project87 - was loaded onto a trailer and taken up north. That's what you can see happening in the picture above. And when it returned from Leeds a few days later, it looked like it does in the photos below. Now, the eagle-eyed among you will spot that it's slightly different...
The company behind the new look was Totally Dynamic, whose HQ is in Pudsey. I'd charged them with the task of finding a colour that was as similar as possible to the shade of Miami Blue that GTIs were originally available in, but with a contemporary satin twist. They came up trumps with a colour called 'Avery Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic', and set about applying a vinyl wrap in said shade to the little Peugeot's elegant eighties angles. The company's bread-and-butter is in wrapping supercars and the like, so the ultimate finish was impressive. You can read all about it in the next issue of Retro Cars...

...and with that, I'm done. The GTI has now gone off to its new owner; after eight months of tinkering with coilovers, brakes, wheels, tyres, coolant, exhaust and much else, it was time to say goodbye. But the project will live on with the magazine - keep an eye out to see what else they do to it!

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