Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

TWR's Jaguar XJS racers were brutal, shouty things. Wide, low, mean, absurdly noisy, and about as far removed from the wood-and-leather grand touring pretensions of the base car as you're likely to get. They're pretty scarce though, naturally, so what do you do if you want to get hold of one and stick it in your garage? Why, fake it of course...

This XJS has had over 1,200 hours of work poured into it by Jaguar themselves back in 2009 to turn it into a faithful TWR replica. The '88 V12 is true to racer specs, including modified roof, A-pillars and bulkheads; it's got an FIA rollcage and fire extinguisher system, racing buckets with 6-point harnesses, and beefy brakes. The 5.3-litre V12 has been fettled in period style (AJ6 throttle bodies, stainless downpipes and so on), and the Getrag 5-speeder and Powr-Lok diff would surely meet with Mr Walkinshaw's approval. And look, it's just £44k. That's a lot of retro race car for the cash.

Spotted at 72MM - click here for more photos.


broadspeed said...

what a load of BS this car is not build by Jaguar cars to be a racecar
yes in 1978 or so it was build by jaguar but after that it has beena road car for years

this car in fact was build by mr dennis robbinson in the UK and was not even modified that much
definatly not a roof or a or b pillar modification

i have seen it when it was build and after the air vents where cut in the body it was painted green and white
nothing special or racy
than the demon tweeks catalog was opened and a whole lot of stuf was ordered to make it look like a race car
the wheels came from image in the uk and to get it racing it needs a few things to get it trough FIA approval

so when you write up a story plz get your facts straigt

mr robinson also build a replica xj 12 coupe broadspeed replica for the same purpouses ... race training in a circuit in the UK but never got that far as he had to sell both cars

juice said...

Charmingly put, thanks for the strangely aggressive response.

When I spotted the car, there was no-one around to quiz for info so I had to piece the story together from various write-ups I found online, along with the information in the windscreen which specifically stated that the roof, A-pillars etc had been modified. https://www.flickr.com/photos/91204887@N07/13495810525/in/set-72157643134861374

broadspeed said...

sorry if i sounded a bit agressive , i don't meen to be ! but i get realy annoyed when they try and sell a car like that as basicaly almost a real one
i have been in the proces of building a replica broadspeed xjc to as close as possible spec as i can and i have seen several cars like the one above been labeled as real cars ...
that is outright misleading people for the sellers benefit

the car above has had no changes on the A pillar , other than removal of the chrome trim

also it is written on other pages on the net that the bottom of the car is painted black just as the original ...
the original twr xjs is painted white on the bottom , and in the boot

so to stay on the subject this is a nice look - a - like but no where near a replica of the TWR cars and the seller is trying to get more money by misleading his customers

broadspeed said...

oh and the guy who build it also build the jaguar that was in RETRO CARS aug 2009 issue 14