Thursday, 13 March 2014

Zagato Flaminia Sport

Words & photos - Daniel Bevis

Zagato can count as many misses as hits in their back catalogue, although it's pretty safe to say that this sublime slice of early-sixties coachbuilding is comfortably in the latter category. Taking the architecture of Lancia's flagship luxury saloon, the Flaminia, Zagato took the spirit of the two-seater Flaminia GT and pushed the concept a stage further. The GT was a Touring-bodied coupe (confusingly, the mainstream Flaminia Coupe model was a Pininfarina design), offered with either a 2.5- or 2.8-litre V6. The Sport and subsequent Super Sport were effectively Touring GTs that were instead bodied by Zagato, featuring the trademark double-bubble roof, and came with juicy carb setups and delicate aerodynamic styling.
This particular example is a Sport, of which 344 were built - you see it in the car park at the Goodwood Revival, offering a stark contrast to the rugged Land Rover it sits beside!
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